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In the year 2023, fans old and new will meet Joel and Ellie, a pair of survivors who embark on a journey across America, battling infected and brutal humans in a last ditch effort of hope. The last of us was critically acclaimed for telling a stellar story in the video game world, and now HBO is looking for the same success in a live-action adaptation.

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With just a short and thrilling trailer, The last of us already feels like an emotional, action-packed ride. Many doubts have surrounded the casting of certain characters, but the trailer should dispel those doubts. Many characters from The last of us appear in the trailer, along with the actors who play them.


9/9 Joel

If there’s one actor everyone apparently loves, then look no further than Pedro Pascal. He has appeared in many films and shows, including as the protagonist and father of baby Yoda, The Mandalorian. Pascal was cast as Joel Miller for HBO The last of usand if anyone can bring Troy Baker’s Joel to live action, then it’s him.

Joel is heavily focused in the trailer, which isn’t surprising considering Pascal’s star power and the fact that Joel is the protagonist of the game the series is based on. Pascal looks the part, complete with clothing, facial hair, and the iconic broken watch.

8/9 Elijah

The relationship that unfolds between Joel and Ellie is one of the game’s selling points. It’s an emotional bond that stems from the loss, and many are thrilled to see how Bella Ramsey brings that to life. Bella Ramsey first rose to fame as Lyanna Mormont, a fan-favorite character from the final season of game of thrones.

Ellie has a very memorable personality from the games. She is world-weary and vulgar, but in a world full of violence, she still has a childlike innocence that needs to be protected from darkness. Bella is dressed as Ellie for the trailer, and many are hoping she can deliver a memorable and emotional journey, just like Ashley Johnson does for the games.

7/9 Tess

A few shots in The last of us The trailer shows Anna Torv as Tess. Anna Torv is no stranger to big TV, starring Olivia Dunham in Fringe and Dr. Wendy Carr in spirit hunter. As for Tess, she certainly has the range to pull off the hardened survivor and Joel’s partner.

Tess was a beloved character from the first game of The last of us and had a great relationship with Joel. The chemistry between Torv and Pascal could be a lot of fun, and watching them battle the cruelty of the criminal underworld together will be quite the spectacle.

6/9 Invoice

Few characters in The last of us are more aware and paranoid of the world around them than Bill. The character is entirely memorable from the first game, as he has his town, a population of one. It’s full of traps, infected, and its post-apocalyptic street smarts.

There are few, if any, people Bill trusts, and he reluctantly helps Joel leave his town. He is a skilled sniper and good at making traps. The trailer shows off the role played by Nick Offerman, who is no stranger to paranoid and weird characters thanks to Parks and recreation Ron Swanson character.

5/9 Riley

A brief look at Riley was shown in the trailer, played by actor Storm Reid. Fans were able to spot the character thanks to the scene he posted, in which Riley and Ellie ride a merry-go-round in an abandoned mall. It’s one of many emotionally charged scenes in the game and shows the developing relationship between Riley and Ellie.

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The scene itself presents The last of us DLCs, Left over, in which fans see what happens to Ellie before the events of the first game. Storm Reid is quite acclaimed with roles like Gia Bennett from Euphoriaso his acting chops will come in handy for the emotional story of The last of us.

4/9 Marlene

There is a character in The last of us trailer holding his bleeding stomach. It doesn’t take long for fans of the game to look at the character, her clothes, and her face to recognize that it is Merle Dandridge. This actress played Marlene in the video game version of The last of us and returns to play the same character in the HBO series.

Merle Dandridge is the only actress to reprise her role for the live-action series, and it will be interesting to see if she adds any new aspects to the character, given that she’s bound to get more screen time on the show than she does. she only has one for the game.

3/9 Sarah

As one of the game’s most tragic aspects, Sarah is introduced to players on the day of the outbreak, during which they experience Joel, Tommy, and Sarah’s escape from their home to avoid the number. growing number of infected people. Sarah is a young girl and she is shown in the trailer played by Nico Parker.

The scenes involving Sarah and Joel are emotionally charged, and despite a brief chapter, they have a great relationship as father and daughter. It will be heartbreaking, yet powerful to see how Pascal and Parker interact as a father and daughter duo.

2/9 tommy

As Joel’s little brother, Tommy has his differences. He is much more morally aware than his older brother and hopes for a better future in a world overrun by Infected and Hunters. Gabriel Luna will bring Tommy to live-action on HBO The last of usan actor who is no stranger to beloved franchises.

Gabriel Luna played a terminator in Terminator: Dark Fateand even joined the cast of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. to embody Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider. There’s a lot of baggage in Tommy’s character, and hopefully his history with Joel is explored beyond the game’s time skip.

1/9 Katherine

There are plenty of new characters to introduce to HBO The last of us who weren’t in the games. These characters could serve to further flesh out the games story, as Joel and Ellie venture across America in a few seasonal hops, meaning there’s a story to be told between the moments audiences see. .

One of these characters is called Kathleen. Little is known about Kathleen other than the fact that she appears in more than one episode and is played by Melanie Lynskey. One of the few known details about this new character is that she is the ruthless leader of a revolutionary movement in Kansas City.

HBO The last of us released in 2023.

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