Arceus craft worked so Scarlet and Violet could fly


Many changes have taken place in Pokemon franchise lately. pokemon scarlet and Purple marks the series’ leap to a fully open world, and with it comes an all-new structure to replace its rigid formula. The story of Scarlet and Purple will be divided into three courses, each marked by a different friend from the central academy. With no walls beyond those found in natural geometry, players are free to pursue whatever story they want from the back of their legendary bike.


All of this change didn’t happen all at once, it was gradually built over multiple games. Pokémon Sword and Shield capitalized on their move to consoles by introducing giant Wild Areas alongside the standard Pokemon routes. DLC maps were set entirely in Wild Areas, and that trend has given way to Pokemon Legends: Arceuswhich consisted of several wide-open maps. pokemon scarlet and Purple seem to be standing on the back of Legends: Arceus, and not just in the sense of being fully open world. The craft introduced in Legends is back, and a little change of direction has made it so much more exciting than before.

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The history of Pokemon with crafting

Much like the trend of the open-world genre, item crafting has exploded over the past decade. The two tropes often go hand in hand, encouraging players to travel the world in search of ingredients. The quality of the implementation of open worlds and crafting items can vary, but they are both popular. Pokemon focuses on exploration, although its exploration is primarily aimed at finding the Pokémon themselves. PokemonCrafting items have traditionally been purchased from Poke Marts or found at specific locations, and the closest mechanics the series had to regular crafting items was using berries to create contest-centric items.

Curry cooking was introduced in Sword and Shield, again using berries alongside purchased ingredients. However, we had to wait Pokemon Legends: Arceus to set up a real crafting system. Players gather materials from the environment using their Pokemon, shaking trees and smashing ore clusters. Battling and catching Pokémon also awards materials upon victory, incentivizing quick battles and late-game catches. Crafting is important in Legends: Arceus, as it is the primary way to access Poke Balls. Other items useful for extending field trips can also be crafted, but the different types of Poke Balls are definitely the most important reason to follow this system.

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How Crafting Has Changed in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

It is not clear if pokemon scarlet and Purple will allow players to craft traditional items like in Legends, but what he does instead could be a game-changer. Players still go out into the field and use their Pokémon to collect items, but now the focus is on collecting materials directly from wild monsters. This can be done quickly and easily by using the new Auto-Battle feature to mass defeat weaker wild Pokémon, keeping follower Pokémon prominent, and not bogging down the player if they start collecting items.

Trainers are going to be incentivized to continue gathering materials from Pokemon throughout the Paldea region, as the primary focus of crafting is more appealing than even the Legends: Arceus‘Pokeballs. At each Pokemon Center pit stop, players can find a Tech Machine crafting machine alongside the Poke Center and Poke Mart attendants. By accessing this device, players gain access to a list of available TMs, offering what might be their biggest appearance yet.

The offshoots of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s TM Crafting

Going back to the original Pokemon games, the technical machines were used to teach powerful moves they might not have learned otherwise. For this reason, they are often closed as items that the player must obtain from the wild, from NPCs, after beating gyms, and from certain shops in the mid or late game. pokemon scarlet and Purple will still have TMs in the open, and can also have them as rewards from Gym Leaders, but they now place the onus of earning valuable TMs on the player.

If a particular TM is desired, they will need to trade in collected items or progress through the story to earn enough League Points. Only with enough points and possibly specific spare materials will a TM be available. In this way, TMs and the TM machine have been made relevant to the entire pokemon scarlet and Purple, even in the post-game. The process encourages engaging with the game mechanics and exploring Paldea to find different species. It almost serves as a fusion of Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ Pokedex and crafting systems, encouraging capture and exploration at the same time.

The biggest difference is that Scarlet and Purple players won’t be able to build TMs wherever and whenever they want, but it’s a reasonable trade-off for the amount of power on offer. Ultimately, gaining a new ability through effort and exploration is more satisfying than just collecting materials to craft disposables in bulk. It’s good to see that the Pokemon The series breaks new ground on past mechanics, and it will hopefully continue to do so.

pokemon scarlet and Purple will be released on November 18, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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