Battlefield needs the glory days of BF3 and Bad Company 2


It goes without saying that the Battlefield The franchise has fallen on hard times in recent years. Battlefield 4 had a very messy launch, and while it eventually recovered to become a solid game, it marks the start of a difficult era for the franchise. With the exception of the excellent battlefield 1the series released several weak games in a row, like Hard line of the battlefield, Battlefield 5and Battlefield 2042 everything turned out to be disappointing. As such, it’s hard for fans not to think back to the show’s glory days.


Whereas battlefield 2 was a great game Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 were arguably the pinnacle of the franchise. These back-to-back successes popularized the excellent Rush game mode, giving Conquest some competition. Both featured strong campaigns and plenty of iconic maps, while the version of the Frostbite engine used for them struck the perfect balance between destruction and visual fidelity. Going forward, DICE should seek to bring back those glory days, restoring the Battlefield the reputation of the franchise through remasters or similar projects.

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Battlefield 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 are viable options for remakes

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Since EA is finally starting to venture further into the remake with dead space, the publisher should consider doing the same with its behemoth FPS franchise. After all, EA and DICE are clearly aware of the popularity of Battlefield 3 and bad company 2something that is shown with the successful realism mod of the first and the presence of the second in Battlefield Portal.

Although a Battlefield 3 the remaster was rumored to be released alongside Battlefield 2042, that never happened, with fans being stuck playing the original version of the game. Unfortunately, while it still has players, the game being stuck on older consoles is severely limiting its viewership. Also, while it holds up decently and was gorgeous at the time, it visually lacks a bit compared to modern FPS games. In the same way, bad company 2 is a slightly dated game that’s also trapped on older consoles, and it deserves to be polished up and introduced to a whole new audience.

Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2 should inspire new games

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While it would be great to see an improved Metro operation, Rush regain its former glory and characters like Haggard back in action, new versions of BF3 and bad company 2 would just be a band-aid for the series’ problems. For the series to continue to thrive, DICE needs to deliver strong new games as well. When crafting them, one should make sure to evoke the sentiments of the two beloved entries mentioned above.

To reproduce the feelings of these Battlefield games, DICE can focus on a few things. First, traditional single-player campaigns with likable characters such as the eponymous Bad Company should be present, and Rush should no longer be an afterthought. Maps like Operation Metro and Damavand Peak were iconic for a reason, as the way players progressed through them was great. A class-based approach should be present from the start, avoiding the outrage of Battlefield 2042and DICE needs to make sure to balance infantry and vehicular combat fairly so that all players are happy.

Another strength of these games was their approach to downloadable content. While some changes would obviously be needed in a live service format, as paid map packs are a thing of the past, Battlefield: Vietnam and Battlefield 3Close Quarters were great sets with clear themes. with his neighbor Battlefield game, DICE should look to replicate that, giving each of its seasons more personality. A Vietnam-themed season with weapons, skins, and maps from that era could be run, as could a Close Quarters-inspired season with shotguns, SMGs, and small-scale maps. Battlefieldrecent post-launch support for has been lacking compared to what bad company 2 and Battlefield 3 had, and that’s another area to work on. Whether through remasters/remakes or spiritual successors, BF3 and bad company 2 should inspire the future of Battlefield.

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