Best things to do in Update 6.2


Final Fantasy 14 is one of the most popular massively multiplayer online (MMO) games and with the influx of new players who joined the game during the release period of the Endwalker expansion, fans are patiently waiting for new content.

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Final Fantasy 14 has intermittent patches every few weeks, each delivering brand new content to players, whether it’s small tweaks to current gameplay or newly added features. For patch 6.2, players of the game were most excited about the long-awaited island sanctuary as well as the next episode of savage raids and additions to the main story and side stories.


seven main story

One of the main reasons why Final Fantasy 14 flourished is because of the amazing main storyline. Filled to the brim with lovable characters who always seem to strike a chord with players, as well as surprisingly popular villains despite their controversial deeds throughout the story.

The Endwalker The expansion was one of the most successful releases in the game overall, meaning fans were eagerly awaiting updates on what their favorite characters were up to. Much like patch 6.1, 6.2 offers players additional quests to continue the main story.

6 Island Sanctuary

Island Sanctuary was by far one of the most anticipated features announced at the time of Endwalker. It was marked as a cross between Final Fantasy and Stardew Valley, blending the worlds of a farming simulator and fantasy themes. Since version 6.2, players enjoy every moment at the island sanctuary, where they can care for animals such as Chocobo and Coblyn, as well as sow and water their own crops.

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In short, this is an embellished version of the already implemented crafting and collecting works that have been part of Final Fantasy 14 for years. The Island Shrine is a wonderful way to take a break from playing the game, especially for those involved in hardcore content such as Savage Raids and Unreal Trials.

5 New normal Pandaemonium raids

It’s no surprise that players have been excited about the new raid content to participate in. The release of all-new Normal Raids is always a great time for fans, bringing them exhilarating new combat and new bosses to defeat, along with a fantastic soundtrack. go aside.

Normal Pandaemonium raids were incredibly popular upon release, especially since players had to grind content to earn loot. 6.2 brings 4 more fights to the Pandaemonium raid series so far, with more to come in later patches. Aesthetically, these fights are visually stunning, paired with amazing OSTs that really set the Warrior of Light vibe.

4 New Wild Pandaemonium Raids

In addition to the normal series of Pandæmonium raids, there are also the more difficult versions of Savage. The fights listed under the Savage difficulty are often some of the toughest fights in the game, alongside the Unreal Trials and terrifying Ultimate fights. Pandæmonium Savage’s first round of fights caused players many hours of frustration, followed by adrenaline-rushing moments that led to joyous celebration after a clear, whether they’re playing as a DPS, tank, or healer.

Once hardcore players had completed the first four Pandæmonium Savage fights, they would then need to reclear to get the gear they needed for higher stats for many weeks to come. 6.2 saw the release of the next series of four Pandæmonium Savage fights, which is an exciting time for those who enjoy competing in the race for the world premiere. This is a challenge from players to be the first group to eliminate combat across data centers and servers.

3 New Unreal Containment Bay S1T7 Trial

In Final Fantasy 14, Unreal Trials are similar to Extreme Trials, but with a much higher difficulty. They can bridge the gap between extreme and wild content for some, making it perfect for hardcore gamers. The Unreal Trials consist of challenging mechanics that are much harder than the Extreme version, so players are recommended to watch a guide beforehand so they know exactly what to expect from the fight.

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The unreal trial added in patch 6.2 is Containment Bay S1T7, originally a level 60 trial which is unlocked through a side quest in the Warring Triad questline. Most Unreal Trials are released with every major patch so players can expect more content in the months to come. For the unreal version of Containment Bay S1T7, players must have an item level (iLevel) of at least 560 which can be achieved by wearing high-level gear that is fused with the appropriate Materia for the position.

2 Chronicles of a New Era Side Quests

The new Chronicles Of A New Era side quest that was released in previous patches for the Endwalker The expansion allows players to unlock and participate in all new normal raids called Pandæmonium.

Each expansion contains Chronicles Of A New Era quests that unlock all previous sets of normal raids from previous expansions such as Shadowbringers and Stormblood. Additionally, these side quests have amazing storylines that are brilliant to play if players have completed the current main questline.

1 Hairstyles

The island shrine offers players two new hairstyles once they have earned enough sea cowries, both of which include a ponytail. The Final Fantasy 14 the developers have been working hard to get more hairstyles on the list of fan-favorite Vieras. The game also has many current hairstyles to unlock through the market board, special currencies, or loot.

Vieras hasn’t had as wide a choice of hairstyles as other characters in the game for the past few years, so those who play as Viera will be happy to know they have a few more options lately. In addition, Final Fantasy 14 players were in an uproar when they discovered that new hairstyles for Hrothgar hid their ears. Fortunately, the development team has now changed these hairstyles so that the ears finally appear.

Final Fantasy 14 is currently available on PC, macOS, PS4 and PS5.

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