Gotham Knights Costumes: All Transmogs and Colorways


Posted: 2022-10-20T23:00:00

Updated: 2022-10-20T11:33:29

Gotham Knights will leave you spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a new costume. Want to know what all the Transmogs and Colorways are? Here’s what you need to know to polish your costume in Gotham Knights.

If you have to clean up the streets of Gotham City, it’s always good to do it in style. Gotham Knights brings customization into the fold, as players can alter their loadouts to create their ideal aesthetic.

Of course, there are homages to iconic outfits from the Batman mythos, as well as new ideas.

Not sure what or how many transmogs and colorways are in Gotham Knights? Don’t worry, we’ve collected them.

All Gotham Knights Transmogs

As you complete the game’s main missions and side quests, you will be able to create new costumes. Crafting them will often unlock a new transmog – a permanent costume that cannot be changed. These can be tied to your current loadout as a cosmetic-only change.

Some are familiar to comic book fans, while others are new iterations for gaming alone. Here are all the transmogs you can acquire:

  • Current costume
  • new guard
  • Titan
  • Eternal
  • First year
  • Black Neon
  • Devil
  • Corsair
  • Metal
  • Beyond
  • Knight Ops
  • shinobi
  • Knightwatch
  • Heel
  • Chivalry
Warner Brother Montreal

Iconic costumes designed by DC Comics legend Jim Lee appear in the game.

We would like to note that the “Knightwatch” transmogrifications, designed by Jim Lee, are exclusive to Gotham Knights Deluxe Edition. Although most transmogs cannot be customized, it is possible to apply colors to some of them. However, you will not be able to modify those like “Knighthood” or “Knightwatch”.

All Gotham Knights Colorways

You’ll probably spend a lot of time fine-tuning your costume in Gotham Knights. When using the “Current Suit” transmog it is possible to change the cowl, boots, gauntlets, and symbol of your suit.

To top it off, various colorways can add a new level of style. Here are all the colors you can get your hands on:

  • Iconic Alpha
  • Thumbs Up Iconic
  • Iconic Charlie
  • Iconic Delta
  • Chroma Gray Ghost
  • Chroma accent
  • Tribute Asylum
  • uniform court
  • Kobra uniform
  • Atlantis Uniform
  • Slade Tribute
  • chromatic frost
  • Ultra Zurr-En-Arrh
  • drake tribute
  • Tribute to Todd
  • Tribute Gordon

Eagle-eyed DC Comics fans will notice that “Uniform Atlantis”, “Tribute Slade”, “Uniform Kobra”, and Ultra Zurr-En-Arrh are pulled straight from deep Batman lore. The first two colorways are a tribute to Aquaman and the supervillain Deathstroke.

all colorways of gotham knightsWarner Brother Montreal

Add style to your transmogs with multiple colorways.

Kobra is a legendary villain created by Jack Kirby, who first appeared in 1976. The Zurr-En-Arrh colorways are a tribute to the alien Tlano, who acts as an unhinged version of Batman on his own planet. To unlock new colorways, you will need to keep creating new costumes and progressing through the game.

There you go, step out and take on Gotham in a vibrant new costume. If you want to become the best knight, dive into our other guides here.


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