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Berry Leather is an important resource in Grounded. Obsidian’s survival game puts a unique spin on things by shrinking your character to the size of an ant. So while the environment might not seem particularly dangerous at first glance, everything suddenly becomes much more intimidating when it’s much bigger than you.

Like any typical survival game, you’ll need to collect resources and craft items if you hope to last as a small inhabitant of this world. One of those resources is Berry Leather, and you’ll need it for several important recipes. So if you’re ready to get into crafting, here’s how to get berry leather in Grounded and what you can do with it.

Milled Berry Leather: How to get this resource

Berry Leather is a resource you will need to craft various tools and equipment. As the crafting item itself, you’ll first need to collect Berry Chunks, which, unsurprisingly, are harvested from berries found in the Hedge biome.

Like the other resources in Grounded, Berries are much easier to find once you’ve already encountered them because, once activated, the Resource Surveyor will show you exactly where they are on the map. Once you’ve collected enough, you need a crafting station to turn them into Berry Leather.

You have two crafting station options:

  • Worktable: requires 3x pieces of berries
  • Jerky support: requires 1x piece of berry

What You Can Craft With Berry Leather

You can craft weapons, tools, and various types of armor and equipment once you’ve gathered enough Berry Pieces and converted them into this useful material. There are also a few construction-related items you can craft as well.

Here’s what you can craft with Berry Leather:

  • Black Ant Sword: melee weapon
  • Bug Hammer: Knot breaking tool
  • Black Ant Shield: Shield to repel attacks
  • Firefly headlamp: Portable light source, equipped on the head
  • Sniper Cap: Head armor that increases bow damage
  • Bee Armor Set: Tier 2 Armor
  • Ladybug Armor Set: Tier 2 Armor
  • Spider Armor Set: Tier 2 Armor
  • Floating foundation: Allows you to build on water
  • Berry chair: Furniture

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