Horizon 3’s Machine Master skill tree would be more competitive with replacement customization


Forbidden Horizon West improves many features that were introduced in Horizon Zero Dawn. Likewise, as Sony’s proprietary franchise, it’s exciting to imagine the improvements and changes that will be made to Horizonthe third installment. Rumors of a Horizon Zero Dawn remake or remaster and a multiplayer Horizon make the future of the franchise even more exciting, and the features implemented in each will surely have a big impact on the direction of the franchise. For instance, Horizon might find his next biggest upgrade in his Machine Master skill tree.


In fact, the skill trees in Forbidden Horizon West could improve overall. Horizon arguably has an overabundance of skill trees in general, which are geared towards individual builds as an action-RPG, but the idea of ​​having particular builds is not recommended as players need to be well balanced in order to have an effective style of play in Horizon. Still, the Machine Master skill tree is lackluster compared to other skill trees in the game and could use a lot of improvement in Skyline 3 if it was to implement more customization and iteration on replacements, especially given the new flying mounts.

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Horizon Forbidden West’s Machine Master skill tree is rudimentary

The Machine Master tree is heavily influenced by passive boosts which affect the efficiency of priority machines, as well as their offensive and defensive abilities. These abilities include less damage when mounted on a replaced machine, increasing the amount of time a machine stays replaced, and the ability to repair damaged replaced machines for fewer metal shards.

In the grand gameplay scheme of Forbidden Horizon WestIn the massive open world, players may not have ridden and piloted many machines. Since Forbidden Horizon West offers players so many other traversal options, mount machines are limited by where players can and cannot use one.

For example, players cannot enter settlements with a befriended machine. In addition, rapid movements in Forbidden Horizon West is as easy as crafting a bag and choosing a known campfire, making it superfluous to drive the machine to get to your destination after the first time.

So it doesn’t help that the Machine Master tree provides no substantial incentive to replace as many machines as possible. In a sequel, HorizonImplementing Machine Master abilities as well as replacement customization needs an overhaul to feel more competitive alongside other skill trees. If machines could be customized during a replacement, for example, to activate certain features in their mechanical tomies, this could present great combat opportunities.

Likewise, if players had personal mounts that they could name and aesthetically customize, the door would open to a lot more mount functionality. For example, players might need to find other machine parts that could strengthen their personal mounts if suited to them.

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Horizon 3 needs more customization with machine master replacements

Players learn to ride a flying machine so late in Forbidden Horizon West that it’s an afterthought, unless they want to explore otherwise inaccessible areas, or if they want to complete other optional content. Still, it’s a great new mechanic that Horizon should get even better in a sequel, and the most effective way to do that would be to improve how Aloy replaces machines.

Unlock the ability to replace machines through the completion of Forbidden Horizon West‘s Cauldrons is great because it gives players great incentive to seek out and browse them. But customization can be improved with more options for how players would like the machines to behave.

Perhaps if there were options for players to activate EMPs, follow other identical machines, or target a specific machine nearby, the replacement would give players more choices in the open world. Overriding is also simple once players unlock the ability to do so, but it would be interesting to see a taming mechanic added that would require players to use a particular spear or attachment.

For example, a Snapmaw might be attracted to a particular trill signal emitted by an attachment to Aloy’s spear, which then makes it vulnerable to being crushed. In terms of frames, HorizonHopefully the next installment will add more flying machines to pilot, and it would be great to see underwater machines replaced and mounted as well.

How Machine Mastery Could Affect Horizon’s Rumored Multiplayer Game

It’s not official yet at this point, but a rumor Horizon The multiplayer game has a lot of potential. If released before HorizonIn the next game, for example, these replacement and mounting mechanics could be introduced in the multiplayer game beforehand. If released later, there would be no reason for the multiplayer game not to have all the improved and updated mechanics that a new sequel might bring. The Machine Master skill tree doesn’t need to affect all machines equally, but it certainly does incorporate abilities that players would want their XP back for.

The best skill trees in the game force all players to make tough choices between which skills to spend their points on. Meanwhile, Machine Master hardly encourages alternate playstyles or mechanics that players need for a particular situation. That’s partly because overtaking and driving machinery isn’t as engaging or rewarding as it should be. In a Horizon multiplayer game, however, it would be exciting to ride side by side with other players on Chargers in battle against a Tremortusk or a Slaughterspine. It’s fantastic that players can attack while mounted, but it could be even higher.

Now that flying mounts have been introduced to the Horizon franchise, the next entry will have to emphasize this mechanic in a big way. If an ability could allow players to dive into battle and pick up other machines in their machine’s mouth and then drop it from a great height, it would greatly reward players who take the time to spend points. in the Machine Master skill tree.

Forbidden Horizon West is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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