How to Get the Blooming Assassin’s Scythe


Weapons are all about power and some weapons are about showing off your skills. The Blossoming Assassin’s Scythe is one such weapon that players can acquire in the full version of Grounded. A new boss accompanies it, but that’s okay if you don’t mind losing blood to get a cool weapon.

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This Scythe is obtained like all weapons. Arts and crafts ! That’s all there is to it. Simply craft a weapon crafted from parts of one of the deadliest bosses in the entire game and voila. You have the scythe you seek. Who cares that it might have cost a limb or two and someone died?



The Blossoming Assassin’s Scythe is not an overtly powerful god-level weapon. It only has a starting point of 4 damage, which seems disappointing for a boss tier weapon. Stun ability is also a bit lackluster with only 0.5 in ability. No. This two-handed weapon shines with its speed with a 7 on the scale from the start. Not too shabby for something that adds crit to hits.

Overall, the Scythe of the Blossoming Assassin looks amazing with just a hint of dread in its design. Pale white with pink highlights echoing a blood-soaked weapon. Giving the illusion of a permanently bloodstained weapon with a bit more horror behind it. After all, what could be more menacing than the grim reaper? For humans, it’s a metal blade on a long staff wielded by a masked skeleton. For insects, it is the remains of one of their great leaders who come to decapitate them.

The long journey

Players need to harvest significant resources to craft this weapon. However, before getting there, several preliminary steps are necessary. It’s not just a jump and meander straight to the pot to get in there with the Mantis for this weapon. All good things come to those who prepare for it…or something like that.

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You will need to craft the Orchid Mantis Kebab which is a special cooking recipe. Looks like he just needs some meat and a few aphids on a stick. Surprisingly, the recipe doesn’t even require it, but you will need Broodmother’s Meaty Chunks which require fighting the Broodmother Hedge Boss. This spider boss will also need a recipe to get him to fight in the form of the Broodmother BLT.

After defeating Hedge Broodmother and cooking some Orchid Mantis Kebab with extra fire ant heads for flavor, grab some good armor and weapons to beat the Orchid Mantis boss. Salt will be the name of the game when taking down this Big Bully. He’s resistant to all weapon types, which means the generic will be the best bet to whittle down his health quickly. Make sure you have a good block or stun setup ready to go as the Mantis deals shockwaves of damage and has slash attacks.

Head to the hangar area to confront this enemy. Once there, locate the pot of orchids and head towards it. On one side of the pot is a pipe that will lead to a large crack in the side. Players should take time to ensure they are not bombarded by locals. Also note that once players have gone into the pot with the Kebab, there are only two ways to escape. Your own disappearance or his. Know it, and say goodbye just in case.

Manufacturing time

Now that the Mantis is defeated, the rest should be relatively easy for most players. Waltz to the nearest research station and observe the resources you have gathered in the boss fight. It should drop several (7-10) Mantis Pieces, 2 Mantis Claws, a Mantis Head, and rarely a Mantis Jewel. These different parts will craft the deadly bug reaper weapon as well as the assassin armor if you choose to complete the collection.

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The Blooming Assassin’s Scythe requires 2 Mantis Claws, 4 Mantis Pieces, 5 Chrysalis Leather, 5 Rusts, and 5 Fluffy Cords. Gather your supplies in your inventory once they’ve been researched, and it’s finally time. Head to the crafting bench with everything listed and locate the recipe in the weapons and tools tab. Ta-da! You can now strike fear into the hearts of the insect population as the Grim Reaper of insects.

Eventually, slicing up all the bugs in the yard will wear down that reaper blade, but fixing it is worth it with the Crit Hit bonus this weapon gives. Its bonus helps improve critical hits, and when paired with critical boost armor, critical hits pack a big punch. Sharpen this 2-handed scythe whenever you just want to punish the enemies in front of you.

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