Idle Mine RPG Guide and Tips for Beginners


Idle Mine RPG is a idle game which allows players to take control of a team of dwarves and mine deep underground. Players can collect gold, mine ore, dig and rescue lost miners, and craft items! They can spend in-game currency to upgrade their dwarf warrior and mine deep to the core. In this beginners guide, we are going to discuss the basic gameplay and some Idle Mine RPG tips and tricks.

Gameplay overview

As players might guess from its name, it is an idle type game. Players can even play the game with just one finger. The main objective of the game is to mine rare and expensive ores while fighting with guardian monsters. Players will have an improvised mining cart with two minors and a dwarf who will fight against the monster.

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The mining speed can be accelerated by tapping the finger faster. By obtaining rare ores, players can upgrade their dwarves and mining equipment. These upgrades will give players advantages in fighting monsters and mining rate. Players can recruit different types of dwarves depending on their needs. Each dwarf has their own unique characteristics.

Introducing Idle Mine RPG Basics

Some of the main mechanics of Idle Mine RPG are discussed below:


Strength is one of the most important things in the game. Strength represents the damage stats of dwarven attackers. By improving their strength, players will be able to deal more damage to monsters and guardian enemies.

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Players can get armor and protection for dwarves to make them harder. Players can go to strength tab in the lower left corner of the screen. Then they can spend the coins and perform upgrades to increase max damage, bomb damage, armor penetration, crit chance, min damage, and other things.


Mines are the most important and basic objective in the game. Players can mine using dwarves and minions. At the start of the game, players will receive basic ores like silver, copper, iron, and rocks. Players will have two minions at the start. They can increase the number by spending coins.

To do the same, players can go to the Mining tab in the menu at the bottom left of the screen. it will show two different tabs, minions and upgrades. In the ‘minion’ tab, players can equip or discard or unlock minions and dwarves. In the “Upgrades” tab, players can increase miner’s damage, miner’s critical chance, miner’s attack speed, and miner and other types of mining related things.

Arts and crafts

Crafting is important for improving the gear and armor types of dwarves and minions. The different ores that miners dig up can be used to craft mining materials such as ccopper, silver, iron, ruby, necroniteetc

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As mentioned earlier, at the start of the game, mainly in area/region 1, players will get basic ores like stones, silver ores and copper ores which can be used to craft copper and silver. To do these things, players can go to the manufacturing tab in the menu at the bottom of the screen. There players will find two separate tabs, these are refinement and upgrades.

In the refinement tab, players can craft mining equipment. In the Upgrades tab, players can increase attributes such as Max Fighter Damage, Miner Damage, Tap Damage, Refiner Speed, Bomb Damage, Refine Ability, Penetration armor and other types of stuff related to upgrading gear and attributes.

Idle Mine RPG Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Idle Mine RPG Beginner’s Guide to help you newbies get started on your journey.

  • Always try to tap faster while mining. The faster the players tap, the faster the mining.
  • Always seek to mine different and expensive ores. Check the “Select an area” tab in the upper right corner of the screen, players will see the list of areas and the unique materials that miners can mine from those areas.
  • Become stronger by fighting enemies and monsters. As players kill enemies, fighters will gain strength EXP and this will increase the strength level of minion fighters.
  • Try to always mine as it will give mining EXP which will increase mining level.
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  • Keep crafting for players to earn crafting EXP, which will increase the crafting level.
  • Always complete quests. Currently, two types of quests are available. Those are Main Quests and Side quests. Players can earn free gems by completing these quests, which will make the game easier.
  • always watch video ads whenever it is available. By watching video ads, players can activate the generator mechanism. The generator gives players many bonuses such as 2X stone, 2X bomb damage and 2X coin income. Generators also provide stamina to increase tap damage and other types of things in the game.

Final Thoughts

If anyone loves an idle gaming experience with decent pixel graphics and zombie slaying gameplay, then Idle Mine RPG is a must. It’s a great time killer. Feel free to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Idle Mine RPG beginners guide for advice if you run into any issues.

That’s all from us for the Idle Mine RPG Beginner’s Guide! Did you find our RPG Idle Mine Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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