Jim Lee Creates Haunting Portrayal Of Mr. Freeze In New Batman Cover


Jim Lee has created a haunting portrayal of Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze in a stunning cover for DC’s Batman – A Bad Day: Mr. Freeze #1.

Lee shared the pencil version of a variation he created for Batman – A Bad Day: Mr. Freeze #1, part of DC’s ongoing series Batman – A Bad Day one shots. “This moving story written by [Gerry Duggan] with breathtaking chiaroscuro art by [Matteo Scalera] is another fine example of what two gifted creators can find when challenged with the same prompt as other creators in the ONE BAD DAY series.” Lee’s Twitter the caption reads. “Mr Freeze became one of the most interesting villains in Batman’s rogues gallery when the writer of the Batman animated series [Paul Dini] redefined him, revealing a tragic and haunting love story at the center of this villain’s origin.

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“One Bad Day: The Writer of Mr Freeze [Duggan] takes that seminal origin and adds a delightful nuance and a twist or two, offering deeper insight into the life of Victor Fries and his relationship with his wife Nora in a new and sometimes chilling way. Art by [Scalera] is fresh, dynamic, atmospheric and brings Gotham City to life. Some of my favorite shots are snowy city scenes that Matteo brings to life in a striking and beautiful way! In this cover, I wanted to capture Victor’s anguish when he realizes that Nora is lost to him forever… or not… Released November 15th, don’t miss it!”

What is Batman – A Bad Day?

Batman – A Bad Day is a series of eight one-shots originally announced in May by DC. Each issue introduces a new creative team and features an iconic member of the Dark Knights’ rogue villain gallery. Batman – A Bad Day: The Riddler #1 kicked off August by taking a close look at Edward Nygma’s dark origin story. Batman – One Bad Day: Two Faces #1 followed in September, with Batman – A Bad Day: The Penguin #1 released on October 18.

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The synopsis for Batman – A Bad Day: Mr. Freeze #1 reads, “Returning to the Dark Knight’s early days in Gotham City: Batman and Robin, Dick Grayson, face the coldest winter Gotham City has ever seen. A winter so cold that Mr. Freeze, Victor Fries , no longer needs his containment suit to survive; he is in an element where he can thrive. Robin befriends Mr. Freeze, all Freeze wants to do is save his wife, Nora, but Batman warns Robin not to empathize with Victor Fries. He’s a man who decided his own fate a long time ago and he doesn’t deserve any of our warmth. And this winter… he will show his true wickedness and his The mighty creative team of bestselling writer GERRY DUGGAN (X-Men, Deadpool, Arkham Manor) and MATTEO SCALERA (WHITE KNIGHT PRESENTS: HARLEY QUINN, Black Science) bring you the chilling story of Mr. Freeze to date.”

Batman – A Bad Day: Mr. Freeze #1 features cover art by Scalera and additional alternate cover art by Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair, Sweeney Boo, Cully Hamner, Brian Bolland, Giuseppe Camuncoli, and Arif Prianto. The issue comes out Nov. 15 from DC.

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