Mini Highways Endless and Expert Update Adds Two New Modes


A new update for mini highway traffic simulation / road construction puzzle is coming next week.

The Endless and Expert update will add two new modes: Endless Mode and Expert Mode.

Endless Mode lets you play the game forever, either continuing the map after a Game Over or starting a new town in Endless Mode. You can take your time fixing all traffic jams and bottlenecks in the road system, or just create aesthetic/cursed roads and highways as you wish.

Endless Mode is a community requested feature and will be added in this free update.

On the other end of the difficulty spectrum is Expert Mode. This is the Mini Motorways equivalent of Mini Metro’s Extreme mode (Mini Metro is the previous game from the developers Dinosaur Polo Club).

Expert mode will not allow you to remove road tiles and upgrades after placing them – you have to commit. And when you reach the end of the game week where you can select an upgrade, you cannot select the same upgrade twice a week.

There’s a new expert mode leaderboard to climb for expert civil engineers looking for more mini-highway challenges.

Additionally, the Endless and Expert Update also adds some quality of life changes. There’s a new tiered manual zoom (available on all platforms), and you can also peek at your current town when you have to choose your upgrade at the end of each game week.

The Endless & Expert update is a free update and will be available on November 3. Mini Motorways is now available on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch and iOS via Apple Arcade. You can find our review of the game here.


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