Modern Warfare 2’s new campaign features could be DMZ mechanics


The recently published Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has a lot to offer fans, with the massive scale of the title encompassing numerous single and multiplayer modes. Most fans are familiar with the expansive campaign mode by now, which cleverly introduced many bold and unique features the franchise has never seen before.

However, given the huge amount of modes that are yet to come as part of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and the next war zone 2many fans expect some of these new campaign features to be carried over into different gameplay experiences. Taking this into consideration, the upcoming DMZ mode for war zone 2 might be the best playground for some of these features to be successfully translated.


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Warzone 2’s next DMZ mode

call of duty warzone 2 drop screenshot

war zone 2 set to release on November 16, being a free-to-play sequel to the hugely popular online Battle Royale shooter of 2020. Both games under the Call of Duty name and being so easily accessible, it’s no wonder the war zone The franchise is already such a successful aspect of the saturated genre of Battle Royale multiplayer titles.

While still offering the same classic battle royale gameplay of a reduced safe zone, and there is only one victor or group of victors, war zone 2 also aims to stand out with significant gameplay changes and a brand new map named Al Mazrah. Next to that, war zone 2 is expected to launch with a unique mode named DMZ, which will be entirely separate from the main battle royale experience.

DMZ is often equated with the popular game Escape from Tarkov, with players having to gather loot in the form of weapons, armor, and valuables before exfiltrating the map in certain designated areas. With players fighting against each other as well as challenging AI-controlled hostiles, death before exfiltration means all collected loot is gone, with successful exfiltration meaning everything collected during of a race can be sold or transported in a later attempt.

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Features That Would Be Perfect For DMZ


Many missions within Modern Warfare 2 campaign stand out from the norm Cod formula, containing a lot of new mechanics that would be perfect for switching to a mode like DMZ. For example, some of the missions contain a crafting menu, where the player can loot resources on the map to craft items such as smoke bombs, improvised explosives, shivs, etc.

This would fit nicely into DMZ given that the mode will require some clearing, and allowing players to craft items from these looted resources for combat advantage makes a lot of sense. In accordance with this, the MW2 The campaign also introduced backpacks to store items in inventory, another first for the Cod solo formula. With different weapon attachments stored here, among other things for changing tactics on the fly, the backpack mechanic should fit very well into the more strategic gameplay that DMZ will favor.

The last element of modern warfare 2it is campaign that should be adopted within the DMZ is the presence of armored enemies. Whereas Call of Duty has long featured heavy-style enemies in its campaigns, those recently featured in MW2 are a commendable threat in combat that act with a much more strategic nuance. If transferred to the DMZ, the presence of heavily armored enemies could be a huge risk factor versus reward for players, indicating that there is attractive loot nearby if a player can defeat the powerful enemies. who keep it. With all the new mechanics introduced in MW2 campaign, it seems almost inevitable that many of them will carry over to the upcoming and ambitious DMZ mode.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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