Overwatch 2 brought back my tank anxiety


I just want to be a cool gamer.

Being a tank is scary. You must lead the way, make the decisions, and be the engine that encourages your team to move forward and achieve victory. I wrote about the role in Final Fantasy 14 and how it will never be for me, but Overwatch was an exception.

In the original game, teams always consisted of two tanks, two DPS, and two supports. It was an equal split, meaning the responsibility was shared among six members instead of a single role imposed on you. This changed in Overwatch 2, with teams now consisting of five people and a single tank. Whoever fills the role has to soak up damage, hold their position, and have a level of confidence that I absolutely don’t have. I’m a baby.


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For years I was a main D.Va. A stylish gamer in an energy drink-powered robot that could launch itself into enemies and blast them with an explosive ultimate attack. I have 21 of her 25 skins available, and used to pick her almost immediately if I wasn’t expected to fill a healer role because my team was useless. I’m not a main Lucio by choice, it’s a burden given to me out of obligation, and the one I take on most while playing tanks is a little scary. A single tank means you have to lead the whole team, defending DPS and supporting as they move around the map and push the objective.

Failing to do this consistently will result in a constant stream of kills or a lack of focus, because without a tank to move around, all your teammates can do is flounder and hope for the best. I’ve been on the other end of this conundrum constantly since launch. So many matches have been lost because a poop tank doesn’t play the objective or charge before immediately complaining that I wasn’t there to heal it despite not being able to jump into melee. Bad tanks are the worst, and I don’t want to take on that reputation because I end up making a stupid mistake. Anxiety is a hell of a thing.

I mean, I shouldn’t be afraid of disappointing random strangers in a game of Overwatch 2, or worrying that they’ll think less of me because I don’t know how to stop feeding myself as D.Va or suck people off with Roadhog. If being a tank is thrown at me when I’m lining up for all the roles, I’m sticking with a reliable hero who’s pretty hard to fuck up – like Orisa. She moves slowly, but has many hit points and abilities designed to deflect attacks and heal your allies. Doomfist, Sigma, and Zarya are a bit more varied, and I would need practice not to suck so badly. But with only one tank role to fill and a fairly toxic player base, outside of playing against the AI ​​and playing in the range, that opportunity was taken away.

A smaller team and more focused strategic focus for each player in Overwatch 2 is definitely a good thing, but it also presents a higher skill cap to hit if we want to perform well and not let people down. I’m a decent DPS player, but now I can hang on to the best when it comes to heroes like Moira, Lucio, or Mercy. So I stick with them, staying in my lane instead of risking old favorites who might get people complaining about me for not doing things right. That shouldn’t be a problem, and the majority is definitely on me, but Overwatch 2 brought back some lingering multiplayer anxiety that I thought I’d conquered.

I will continue to work on improving my tank skills, but overcoming this anxiety is arguably a harder hurdle than become good in the game in the first place. Please gamers, I just want to play D.Va and not get yelled at for no reason. Stop being so stinky and grumpy.

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