Preview: Wineside at Ridgedale


Old Champps near Ridgedale has a whole new vibe. On the wine side the wine bar and market will open next week next to the Top 10 liqueurs which is already open in space.

It’s totally unrecognizable as the place where you ate waffle fries while ignoring your parents/kids or sang karaoke in view of the Ridgedale Mall.

The market and the wine bar occupy most of the space before which was the restaurant. The clean lines and modern vibe opened up the once dark space nicely. It’s really a choice of your own adventure situation. You can head straight to the market and do some shopping. There are plenty of tasty treats, from boutique olive oils and pasta, to global chocolate bars, Japanese sauces and mayonnaise, and canned fish from everywhere.

There is a full deli counter where you can order custom cheese and meat slices. The cheese box is full of really great finds, they know they have to do better than the Byerly just down the street. You will also find Dogwood coffee, pastries in the morning and Pâtisserie 46 breads to buy. Yes, you can basically make your own charcuterie platter and then head to the wine bar if that’s your jam, they fully support that idea.

But there is another way. You can skip the market and stop at the wine host when you enter. Here you will receive a drink and register a payment method. This is a cashless space, so you will need a credit card or some form of electronic payment. They will also show you how to download the QR code you will need for the wine bar. Once you have your drink, you will be shown to a seat in the dining room.

All around the seating area are wine kiosks loaded with temperature-controlled wines, ready to serve. You simply choose your wine, place your phone under the scanner and select the pour size you want. You can choose small sips or healthy pours, the choice is yours. Wines will be grouped by varietal, so you can create your own Cabernet Franc tasting flight by simply accessing each bottle in a kiosk. You have access to over 100 wines to sip by the glass.

When you arrive at your seat, you can enter another QR code to access the full kitchen menu. This is where chef JD Fratzke comes in.

Fratzke and his team have created a very user-friendly menu. The small plates are meant to be easy and shareable, following the tradition of Spanish tapas. Canned seafood with good bread plays a fun role on the menu, more of that in town would be great. You’ll also find whipped feta, fingerling potatoes, roasted quail with artichoke hearts, crab toast, and larger plates such as cereal bowls, braised beef ribs, or chicken meatballs. over polenta. You can also order a few specialty cocktails and a few beers, but the focus is on wine.

The main idea of ​​this wine bar is that you personalize your experience. You can make reservations and reserve seats for a full meal, or you can walk around and grab a drink and a snack plate while you have a laptop. Fratzke has instructed his team of pros, for those in the know, yes: behind JD is Ferris Schiffer, the legendary local Minikahda chef who works in the kitchen.

Any wines you sip at the wine bar will be easy to find in the shop next door, should you fall in love with the bottle. The move is that the wine bar is really a tasting bar so you can find what you like to take home. Also, if you already have something you know you like and want to shop at the liquor store before you eat, bottles over $50 purchased from the store will incur no corkage fee at the bar. to wine.

The wine bar will be open early for coffee and pastries, and will welcome people to relax and work or have meetings until the start of lunch and drink service. Next week they will hold a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on November 1 and will be open to the public on November 2. Prepare canned fish!

October 27, 2022



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