The best first worlds of Super Mario games


It takes a lot of work to create the perfect first world in a Mario game. While the gameplay mechanics tend to be kept simple and accessible, that doesn’t mean newcomers won’t need to master the controls. A good first world balances fair challenges with levels that also teach you everything you need to know.

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It’s hard to find the perfect first-world difficulty, and as a result developers can often make things a little too easy for some. No matter the difficulty, the dynamic worlds that introduce each of Mario’s titles are always fun for you to run and jump.


ten Super Mario Odyssey

It would be impossible to call Super Mario Odyssey’s Cap Kingdom bad, but things are certainly bad for Mario from the start. It’s a whimsical world that does a fantastic job of acclimating you to the various mechanics you’ll find deeper in the game. When it comes to starting sandboxes, it’s hard to top.

That said, it’s fair to say that it’s not exactly as dynamic and exciting as the first world of many other Mario games. It’s one of the easiest early worlds in the series’ history – something that might be a bit of a faux pas for some, but for others, something that was created to perfection.

9 Super Mario 3D World

Whether or not you enjoy the opening world of Super Mario 3D World will depend on a lot of things. While the game hasn’t changed much in the Mario format, it has tried to keep things fresh with a few newer mechanics.

For many, the first world is incredibly forgiving, making it almost impossible not to have a good time. It’s a big first world, but a lot of people can already relate to the heavily pushed chat gimmick featured throughout the game.

8 Super Mario Bros. 3

Coming into Super Mario Bros 3 these days, everyone should know exactly what to expect. You are in many vibrant, optimistic and incredibly lush green levels. It’s quite different from other Mario games and introduces a lot of new concepts, but you never feel bombarded at all.

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It’s hard not to love this world, especially for the added reason that you can get your hands on a magic whistle if you know what you’re doing. This item lets you head to one of the other worlds, which is handy if you want a quick completion.

seven Super Mario Bros.

The Super Mario Bros. original is still considered a masterpiece. It’s not hard to see why when you play the game’s first world. Few games as simple as Super Mario Bros. original were able to give gamers all the tools they needed to succeed as effectively as this game.

The first world shows you everything you need to know about the game, stopping just short in order to keep a few surprises up its sleeve for a bit further into the game. You know what types of enemies you’ll find, how to deal with them and the threat of Bowser and his infamous castles.

6 Super Mario Galaxy 2

Almost everyone loves the start of Mario’s second great space journey, Super Mario Galaxy 2. Offering players some of the game’s simplest enemies, it starts with as much spectacle as possible for new players.

Blasting the skies from planet to planet will always be amazing. Since it’s basically a tutorial world, it’s simple, but it’s also one that’s likely to stick in your mind thanks to all the fantastic creative decisions.

5 super mario galaxy

You could argue that the opening hub world technically counts as the first Super Mario Galaxy world, but everyone is interested in the big gameplay. The Good Egg Galaxy is the first place you can fly to, and it oozes a lot of modern Mario charm.

Just like the rest of the game, Good Egg Galaxy is filled with phenomenal music to listen to as you venture across planets. It’s not far from the heights of the game, but it’s a good start to getting to grips with the game’s unique mechanics.

4 New Super Mario Bros Wii

Sometimes simplicity is best. Many weren’t expecting something so exciting when it was announced that Mario was returning to a 2D style, but New Super Mario Bros. Wii has proven that Mario can still make a big impact no matter what playstyle he finds himself in.

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Some credit this game with reviving people’s love for 2D games, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s one of the most accessible games in the series, and being able to experience the simple opening world with a friend made it even better.

3 Super Mario World

The Mario series has always done a fantastic job of introducing its games to gamers, and Super Mario World has helped the Super Nintendo generation master the latest dynamic entry in the series.

You start at an optional level where you can quickly learn the basic commands, which was a great idea at the time. You learn more as you progress, but immediately introducing basic power-ups, Yoshi, and even a Yellow Switch Palace was a fantastic way to learn as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

2 Super Mario Sun

While there have certainly been some fun stories to be had in Mario games before, Super Mario Sunshine kicked things into a whole new gear. The exciting but lengthy opening of the game has you quickly venturing around Bianco Hills.

Rather than being the perfect tutorial world, it’s one of the toughest early worlds in Mario games – and shows that Sunshine is a far cry from your average Mario. With so many new and unique mechanics to try out, there’s a reason Super Mario Sunshine was such a smash hit that fans still want a modern sequel.

1 Super Mario 64

When it comes to creating the perfect first world, there are a lot of things to consider. To many, it seems like Bob-omb Battlefield of Super Mario 64 was lovingly crafted to be the best possible introduction to a Mario game. 3D Mario’s first effort was a defining moment in its unique era of gaming.

Although the level doesn’t find a way to use all of the game’s mechanics, it manages to use almost everything. You learn that a world can change ever so slightly, and you have more than a handful of options to accomplish most tasks.

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