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Players flock to NBA 2K23 to simulate games, franchises, fantasy teams, or their own personal careers. Get the full scoop on all the favorite modes here.


For a sports video game franchise, few are making the changes that are in NBA 2K23. Players who have grown accustomed to the same gameplay mechanics, MyCareer player builds, and MyTeam strategies will need to prepare for the big updates in this year’s edition of the NBA Electronic Simulator.

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Some players stick with one mode and dedicate their experience to that singular offering. Others will want to try a bit of everything. Either way, finding the right information is key to creating a solid floor and raising the ceiling in NBA 2K23. Find out how to be the best in any mode here.

  • My core team

    MyTeam may appear to be a scam Madden Ultimate Team but fans insist it’s nowhere near as difficult or greedy. Expert players have plenty of advice for newcomers who don’t want to take out a second mortgage on their home and still dominate the field.

    • Card Rankings

      Making a dream team of some of the best players of all time isn’t as hard as it looks. Sure, some cards may rank higher than others, but some players don’t know the value of a card until they sell it.

      Whether it’s laying down a solid floor or opting for an insanely high ceiling, players will want to make sure they’re getting the most bang for their buck (or virtual currency, as the case may be). Find the best players of each level here.

    • Advice My team

      Don’t feel embarrassed to look for advice in MyTeam. Players who don’t seek wisdom in the mode can easily find themselves at the bottom of the leaderboards with a terrible team and an empty bank account.

      Keep in mind that each year introduces new strategies, mechanics, and cards. This year is no different. Series veterans will often be blindsided by new wrinkles they’ve overlooked.

  • MyCareer Central

    Players who rave about the NBA 2K The franchise usually talks about MyCareer mode, one of the best career simulators in all of sports games. And it’s no wonder, with the right guidance, MyCareer is incredibly fun.

    • Best Badges

      Of course, not all badges will be useful for every build. Some big men might not care if they frequently intercept balls on the perimeter. The Slashers won’t need to improve their three-point shooting.

      But there are still some badges to consider at least for every build. Take a look here and make sure the MyPlayer is equipped to get the most needed badges for any role played.

    • Join a team

      Just as important as the player built, joining the right team will be essential to having a good or bad career. Good luck seeing the ground when playing as a point guard for the Warriors.

      Some teams are just one crucial piece of the puzzle before winning a title. With a bit of skill and the right situation, players can win the Finals in their very first year with these teams.

    • Versions of MyPlayer

      Asking for the best construction is a tall order. Think about the number of ways players can score on their own: post moves, ankle breakers, three-point bombs, mid-range drops, dunks, slashes, etc. Good luck trying to choose one or more of these styles.

      Luckily, there’s room for every build at every position depending on the team’s situation. These guides are here to help players get an idea of ​​the ideal build based on their individual wants and needs.

    • My career advice

      New players and returning players will discover a new city, a new history, a new NBA landscape and new things to do. Call it a lick of paint, but there are so many new events that players returning to MyCareer often aren’t much better off than rookies trying out the mode for the first time.

      Take a deep breath and get ready for a wild ride. Instead of rendering multiple players useless until one finally works, earn points up front that will get even the most amateur player on a Hall of Fame path.

    • Ideal animations

      With so much focus on teams, attributes, and badges, animations can feel like an afterthought. In truth, great shot animation matters as much or more (depending on the situation) than just getting the numbers right.

      Point guards looking for absurd dribbling skills, shooters creating the perfect custom shot, or dunkers cooking up a bad jam to get the crowd moving, they’ll all find what they need here.

  • Players and teams

    Even actual athletes will talk about their in-game ratings associated with their sport. Conversations can become heated between fans over whether their favorite teams have been overrated or underrated.

    • Player ratings

      Franchise Mode players will want to take a look at player ratings and see how they can improve their teams. MyCareer players will also want to take a look to make sure they pick the right team.

      Still, even those who don’t play the game will find lively conversations in these stats. Is Giannis Antetokounmpo well rated? Are fitters too tough for Ben Simmons? Find the answers here.


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