Valheim Mistlands teaser shows the game is going in new directions


Nordic warriors eagerly awaiting an update to their favorite Viking-themed survival crafting game have recently seen a Valheim Mistlands teaser that could open the door to a realm of possibilities in one of the best games in survival in 2022.

Yggdrasil is an ancient tree that lingers in the background of Valheim, though to this day it is inaccessible by boat or any other means. However, the teaser shows a character from Valheim walking on the sacred tree, which could mean several things for the game. Whether it means there is simply an option to traverse the world via the sprawling branches of the tree or that ‘this is a path to another unique content area remains to be seen.

Some players think it could just be the fallen branches of Yggdrasil, as walking on the actual tree would conflict with the game’s building height limit. However, it could still mean a new type of material building blocks and new building pieces – all of which are equally exciting for Valheim players.

In response to a comment on the original tweet, the official Valheim account confirms that the teaser shows a scene that will be part of the long-awaited Mistlands update. The account also describes the upcoming Mistands update as “quite a large update.”

Although some have complained about the game’s lack of content – ​​there’s only been one major update since the game’s release, with many players saying it’s still not enough – this latest teaser may be proof that the wait is worth it.

While players are still waiting for the Mistlands update, the game has introduced several new features to keep players coming back for more. At first, he improved the craftsmanship by adding more food items. The developers also added a creature called Abomination to the Swamp biomes and caves in the Mountain biomes which feature bats and wolf-like creatures called Ulv and Cultists. They also introduced new enemies called the Growths in the Plains biome, which drop material allowing players to craft a host of items that require tar.

The Mistlands update claims to populate the Mistlands biomes, which are currently empty, sprawling areas on the map with no content available for players to pass through.

While the Mistlands update may be huge, there may be even more updates to follow as the developers continue to improve the game. As of April 2022, over 10 million people have purchased Valheim, making it one of the best-selling indie games of all time. Although the game initially launched with a roadmap, the developers abandoned it to focus on bug fixes due to its surprisingly high player count.

After launching in Early Access 2021, Valheim quickly garnered interest from casual players and critics alike. Although built in Unity and featuring relatively simple graphics and textures, the game also has a unique beauty paired with enjoyable crafting mechanics and upbeat music. People quickly joined the servers alongside friends to take on the game’s five bosses in the various biomes on sprawling procedurally generated maps.

However, for all the relaxing gameplay, death in Valheim can be punishing, so if you’re new to it, you might want to check out our beginner’s guide to Valheim for survival tips. You’ll also want to experiment with the best Valheim seeds and the best Valehim mods to customize your experience to suit your playstyle.


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