What will The Last of Us board game look like?


Like Naughty Dog The last of us The franchise continues to grow with the upcoming HBO TV series, UK-based studio Themeborne intends to expand the world even further with a tabletop board game. theme The Last of Us: Escape the Darkness will follow in the same vein as previous games in the studio’s repertoire.

Featuring a unique deck of monochrome art cards, familiar world settings, and well-known characters, the game will pursue a similar goal as other Escape the dark Games. These games tend to require cooperation in order to achieve the players’ end goals. The Last of Us: Escape the Darknesshowever, will feature a few unique twists that set it apart.

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What are Themeborne’s Escape the Dark games?

Since 2016, Themeborne has created several Escape the dark games and expansions, including the fantasy-inspired classic Escape the dark castle and deep space adventure Escape the Dark Sector. Consisting of relatively simple rules, these games tend to be quick to set up, with play time only taking around 30 minutes. They tend to be roquelike and require a lot of stealth. Players must work together to escape the situation they find themselves in, telling their own story using the game’s unique monochromatic maps to define obstacles, traps and dangers along the way.

Each player chooses a character from the provided cast, getting a specific die corresponding to that character’s abilities. As players turn over each card, the obstacles they face set the scene, providing the call to action and dice rolls needed to overcome that particular obstacle and advance through the game. cards, including game expansions, makes these games incredibly durable because every game will be different. So how will these simple rules translate into The last of us‘setting the world?

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Created for one to five players, The Last of Us: Escape the Darkness includes character tokens for Ellie, Joel, Tess, Bill, Tommy and Marlene. Each player will start the game with their own unique blockage, which can disrupt their quest for personal growth as they explore. This journey of personal growth helps unlock their full potential as a player character, making them more capable of overcoming the obstacles that await them along the open world map.

A bit like the others Escape the dark games, obstacles are presented through monochrome chapter cards that feature familiar scenes from the games. Players must explore and overcome the dangers that lie ahead together, with the overall goal of getting everyone alive to their destination. The game also includes an easy weapon crafting and upgrading system designed to provide a tactical advantage against enemies.

The Last of Us: Escape the Darkness The Kickstarter campaign is set to launch on November 8, 2022. More information about the game and its features will definitely be explored in greater depth as the studio hits backer goals.


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