World’s Best Cheese 2022 winner revealed; “Really refined, handcrafted and melts on the tongue”


Can you select the best cheese when there are 4,400 varieties of cheese in front of you? Well, it’s difficult. Here is a unique contest where 4,400 varieties of cheese from all over the world competed for the title of best cheese in the world at the World Cheese Awards, which took place in Wales, UK.

This was the 34th edition of the World Cheese Awards, which was held on November 2 and has around 4,434 entries from 42 countries according to information shared by the organizers of the World’s Best Cheese 2022.

World’s Best Cheese 2022 held in UK

The winner of the World Cheese Prize was Le Gruyère AOP Surchoix, which was named World Cheese Champion. The competition was judged by a panel of 250 top international judges, including Whole Foods Market global cheese buyer Cathy Strange, Patricia Michelson, founder of specialty cheese retailer and café La Fromagerie, owner of the chain Ukrainian distribution Cheese Kingdom Denis Priimagi, and Davide Fiori of Luigi Guffanti 1876 in Italy.

The judges shortlisted 98 Gold Super Champions, which were then narrowed down to sixteen entrants. As reported by CNNthe judges described Gruyère AOP Surchoix, presented by Swiss cheesemaker Vorderfultigen and affineur (affineur) Gourmino, as a “really refined artisanal cheese” that melts on the tongue and has notes of herbs, fruits and leather .

“A cheese with lots of flavor and bouquet.” It is slightly crumbly and made from raw cow’s milk. The Gorgonzola Dolce DOP made by De’ Magi in Italy got the second position, while the 3rd position was obtained by Alde Fryske, which was made by Dutch cheesemakers De Fryske.

However, the top 16 winners of the super gold medal have been officially declared by the world’s best cheeses for 2022. Of these sixteen contenders, four were UK cheese varieties, three from France and three from Italy, and one from the United States, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Belgium.

Guild of Fine Food organizer and general manager John Farrand told CNN, “A win like this can propel a small artisan cheesemaker to the big time.” He also gave the example of a Norwegian cheese producer, who won a few years ago when he was about to retire and is now a major integrated cheese exporter.


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